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Goehrig's Bakery - 475 Central Avenue, Jersey City

Business Owners: Peter & Joseph Gigante

UPDATE: Goehirg's Bakery officially closed in August 2014.

Peter & Joe GiganteStanding in line for a morning cup of coffee and a pastry is a ritual for customers that frequent Goehrig's’s Bakery (475 Central Avenue) on the corner of Central Avenue and Congress Street. You will most likely see the now owner Joe filling up tray’s of pastries, or his father Peter Gigante having his coffee and greeting customers, As a family owned business for over thirty years, Goehrig's’s Bakery has withstood the test of time.

Since the age of twelve, Peter Gigante always had an interest in baking. At that age he worked cleaning dishes at local bakeries after school for pocket change. Later on he soon began to work in the kitchen and started picking up valuable skills that would help him become a great baker. He worked in various bakeries until 1975 when Peter went into business for himself, buying Goehrig's’s Bakery from property owner William Goehrig's. Peter decided to keep the name because of it’s connection with the community and it’s long time customers. Peter renovated the bakery and added some special touches to build upon the success of the business. “Hard work is key, in order to run a successful business” Peter mentioned as a spoke on what has made Goehrig's’s Bakery a success. Peter put in long hours in order to meet his standards of quality and presentation in his baked goods. Also a successful business must be able to adopt to change. For example when Peter saw that there was a cultural change taking place in the community, he added new baked goods to attract the new class of people moving into the community. The business is still run today with the same hard work and business savvy but with a different face to it.

Joe Gigante brought the business from his father in 2005 and has been improving upon what is already a successful business. Joe holds many certificates in culinary arts from various institutions. Joe mentor’s young baker’s and teaches them the in and out’s of both culinary arts and the business end. He hopes to build another floor to the property to include a small school or classrooms for baking in the future. Joe and Peter also are big contribute their time to get involved with community groups such as the Lions Club, which conduct fundraisers for children with disabilities, and community events. Now that the torch as been passed, it seems that Goehrig's’s Bakery will continue to be a staple of the Heights community for another generation to appreciate.

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