Welcome to the Heights Section of Jersey City, NJ

Visit the Central Avenue Shopping District & Heights Section of Jersey City

Central Avenue Special Improvement District (Boundaries)

By Walking


Jersey City Heights residents can just follow the crowd. Central Avenue is up the street and around the corner. The Jersey City Heights is a very walkable community and a big part main street living.

By Car

Shop Local, Shop Central Avenue Jersey City

  • Driving Directions (Google Map)
  • Parking - There are nearly 250 Street Meter Parking spaces serving the district and another 250 parking spaces in the surrounding Municipal Parking Lots.

By Bus

Did you know that midtown Manhattan (NYC) Port Authority Bus Terminal is approximately 20 minutes away from the Jersey City Heights via bus route No. 119? [Read More]

By Train


Zipcar in the JC Heights!

Zipcar in the Heights Section of Jersey City - Central Avenue Municipal Lot

And then there were three. Whether you’re traveling into NYC for a meeting or exploring the rest of the Garden State, having Zipcars available on-demand by the hour or the day allows members access to a convenient and affordable transportation solution. A Honda Civic named "Corburn" joins another Honda Civic named “Carthage” and a Toyota Corolla named “Gemmiti” in the Central Avenue municipal parking lot between Bowers & Griffith St. All three cars are now available for reservations. CASID members should checkout the Zipcar for Businessprogram which offers discounted driving rates Monday through Friday.

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